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Ruby Clouds live on The Noisy Cavern Music Sessions

By JC SFKNG | Published on October 5th, 2016 on















The Los Angeles based brother and sister duo, Ruby Clouds, visited the Noisy Cavern Music Sessions and put on a dazzling performance at The Cave Music Studio in Anaheim. The dynamic duo features a bilingual alternative/R&B style that is perfectly infused with an ethereal sound making it both sophisticated and soulful. Both Claudia and Vid are songwriters who feel music as an artistic outlet is their niche. The duo draw inspiration from each other and channel their different musical tastes into their work. Most notable is a Mariachi undertone in the lyrical nature and composition of Claudia’s vocal patterns, especially when singing in Spanish. This was not a surprise though, as Claudia has been involved with Mariachi music both as a student and teacher throughout her musical career. Claudia also left her footprint back east on the Harvard College campus where she created Mariachi Veritas de Harvard. Claudia and Vid have indeed mastered a beautiful sound that can appeal to a diverse group listeners.

Ruby Clouds started the set with "Traveing Light". This was a deftly-produced slower tempo track. It carried a hypnotic feel that could easily put one into a dancing trance with its processed synth/bass lines and Vids stylistic guitar playing. The guitar part definitely gives the song an added edge, and Claudia's cleverly written lyrics coupled with her alluring vocals reinforces the tracks reverie effect.

The pair followed up with “Sigh”, another electronic heavy track with stronger dream pop elements - almost reminiscent of ingredients used by Victoria Legrand in Beach House. The track features a walking bass line which adds to its serene mood, and Vid once again nails the harmonies on guitar with precision. This is a love song at its core, as Claudia croons “Dreaming about your love, dreaming about you all the time”.

"Esta Noche" was the first of two spanish songs Ruby Clouds performed. With a latin alternative flare, the song was lead through with the simple strumming of Vid's guitar. Claudia showcases some strong vibrant moments where she belts out Mariachi style notes. "The Road" illustrated that the duo could definitely hold there own within the indie-rock scene. With a one-two-one beat of the snare and Claudia's rhythmic rollicking singing, this tune was a favorite.


The final song the duo performed was the second of the two spanish tracks titled "Anoranza". Ruby Clouds played a slower tempo rendition of an emotionally rich song. This was a fitting gem of delicate melodies sung with heart-felt passion.    

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