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Latest News

Claudia a Finalist in Mariachi Songwriting Competition

Friday, November 19, 2021

A song from our upcoming EP will be part of the 27th Annual Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza on December 3rd as part of the Original Songwriting Competition.  Claudia is the only woman out of six finalists in this year's contest.

Mi corazon te busca.jpg
New Single: "Mi corazón te busca"

Cover Art by Armando Núñez

Nuestro nuevo sencillo ya está disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.  Our new single "Mi corazón te busca" is now available on all digital platforms.

"La Leyenda Negra" Soundtrack

January 27,  2020

Our song "Un día de estos" is part of the soundtrack of "La Leyenda Negra" - a coming-of-age story about an immigrant teenage girl whose protected status is at risk - which premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, now streaming on HBOMAX.


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